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Things aren't going the way you want.  From your diet to your stress level to your insatiable desire to just say, ef it all, there's something that's just not sitting right in your stomach.

I get it.

I was broken and scared and crippled with fear.  Through the darkness, I found my way to get back on track.

8 essential ingredients for joy, fulfillment and vibrance saved my life, and I want to teach them to you. Sometimes you marinate and macerate and other times you season and simmer.  It's all part of the process.

It just takes the right balance of ingredients, blended together in the right order.  Once you have these core components in the right measurements put together, that's where the magic happens.  Look out because your table is going to be overflowing with goodness, from head to heart.  

Join me, and let's bake that delicious life cake!

What you get:

- A weekly email with an area of focus featuring one of my special 'ingredients' and tools to help you become successful.  Areas of focus include food, fitness, frame of mind, filter, friends/family, fabulosity and faith! (Priceless)

- A downloadable journal to help you keep track of your progress

- A weekly motivational video to get you bubblin'

- Accountability steps to help you accomplish your goals

- 3 Live Facebook chats with Chef Mareya to help you cook up the best recipe for your life possible

- Access to a private Facebook group to share your progress

- Discounts and special sample offers for Chef Your Life members

Just $59.99

Claim your spot today and say, Chef Yeah!